Your PAL for Environmental Testing

Our Team – The company is new but our team is very experienced.  With our combined backgrounds, we cover the spectrum of what it takes to meet and/or exceed your project goals.

Senior Management Team

​John Yokoyama, Laboratory Director
Mr. Yokoyama joined Performance Analytical in November 2014 and is responsible for managing daily operations and will also help to analyze the samples to ensure that we meet or exceed our client's expectations.  He will ensure the quality of the data produced by the laboratory by performing intuitive reviews as well as verifying calculations.  He will be responsible for managing the laboratory and developing new methods as needed.  He has a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished and has the client's needs in focus.    Mr. Yokoyama has over 25 years of testing and management in the environmental industry. Mr. Yokoyama has been in many types of laboratories, such as air toxics analysis, and pharmaceutical testing, and has consulted with many clients on project development and organization.  Knowing what analyses to request is vital to the client and many times cost effective for the client as well.  With his extensive and varied background, problem solving is often a focal point for Mr. Yokoyama when interacting with clients.   He has developed and successfully managed laboratories and brings that talent with him to PAL.  John received his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from University of Southern California (USC) 1986.    

Marycarol Valenzuela, Project Manager
Ms. Valenzuela joined Performance Analytical in February of 2015 and is responsible for managing projects while being the main point of contact between the laboratory and the client.  Ms. Valenzuela has been a technical project manager for over 11 years supporting projects for Brownfield development, waste characterization, aerospace, petroleum clients, and DOD and CLP projects.  Ms. Valenzuela has 15 years of analytical testing experience in the environmental industry, testing with IC, ICP, GC, GC/MS and HPLC along with general chemistry.  She has a strong technical background which will aid in addressing clients technical questions.  She possesses exemplary communication skills instrumental in conveying information from clients to operations (and vice versa) to resolve any analytical issues and negotiate solutions for the lab.  Task and goal oriented, she will follow up and respond in a timely manner.  Ms. Valenzuela will be mobile phone accessible whenever you have questions.  Marycarol received her Associate of Science from The Community College of Allegheny, Pennsylvania in 1982 with a degree in Water Technology.  Ms. Valenzuela also received her degree in Business Management in 2002 from the University of Redlands.